Monday, December 05, 2005

The Usual

Originally posted by Mr. TunaCan.

Everyone should have one. Its the thing you automatically order when the bartender walks up to get your order, but you've been staring at the ass of the girl at the end of the bar as opposed to thinking about what the hell you want to drink. For me, its whisky and water, preferably Jameson's, but in a pinch most anything will do. Its important to find something that you like a lot and is common enough that you won't have to cycle through fifteen different drinks/brands until you find something to drink in this particular backwater shithole of a bar. Case in point: A few months ago I was in Brussels with a couple of buddies (Lapp and CB), after sampling some of the damn fine local beers, we wandered the city looking for a suitable place to get a serious drink on. We eventaully found what appeared to be a goth/eurotrash bar in the old part of the city. Now for some reason, no bartender in Brussels will speak English to you (as opposed to Amsterdam, where everyone speaks English). Mainly they want to speak French, and while I took a few years of French, I'm less than conversant in it. They had it, and more importantly, they understood what the hell I was trying to order. We proceeded to break ourselves on it that evening. We wandered to Amsterdam the next day (where we had wandered from in the first place), and I noticed a lovely little fact. Every single bar I meandered my drunken ass into had a bottle of Jameson's behind it. Every. Single. One.


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